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Our Produce - A delicious combination of specially selected Super Salad Greens and herbs

We supply a wide range of Salad Greens.

Our Super Greens Salad Blend contains a variety of red and green lettuce leaves, herbs and other salad greens including mustard greens (rough textured purple leaf), swiss chard (light green leaf with bright red or yellow stalk), arugula or roquette (dark green leaves with smooth round lobes), asian kyona (green spiked frills with white stalk) radicchio (purple/red leaf with white vein, nasturtium and borage flowers. These leaves have been carefully selected to provide just the right amount of sweet, crunchy, nutty and slightly peppery zest for your salad bowl. Herbs can be chopped and sprinkled on top or added to your vinaigrette. The idea is to present a multi-coloured, multi-textured salad with a contrast of flavours ranging from delicate and sweet to pungent and assertive.  The classic presentation is a plate piled high with this exciting medley of shapes, hues and frangrance as in our Classic Woodford Salad with Lime Vinaigrette on our recipe page.  Add a couple other intredients, your favourite cheese, or olives, nuts and seeds, tomatoes carrots, cucumbers, avacado, shrimp, potatoes, celery, chicken, mushrooms or anything else you fancy and enjoy our salads as a starter or entree.  Click on our recipe page for recipes using our salad greens.  Send us your recipes, we'll be happy to share them.



How to store and care for our produce:

Although our greens have been washed, you may wish to briefly rinse in cold water, spin greens in a salad spinner or pat dry with paper towels to get rid of excess moisture.  Place a piece of paper towel in the bottom of the container to absorb any excess moisture.  Store in the crisper section of the refrigerator.  Tips of core may turn brown, this is the result of natural oxidation and does not affect the nutritional value, just cut them off.  Please recycle the container. Thank you for supporting local organic, it's Simply Down To Earth.


Please go to our contact page for general questions, suggestions or complaints.

Thank you from the Woodford Market Garden team.

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The Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement - JOAM,

Woodford Market Garden salad greens and herbs are certified by third party inspectors theough the Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement - JOAM.

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